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Teaser for OPENING 1: Wed, May 16th, 8:30 PM, Rudolfplatz, Cologne >> www.liasaile.com/in-between-lights The art project IN BETWEEN LIGHTS is a concerted and focused intervention in public space: two street lanterns are exchanged between twin cities of Cologne and Tunis – continents apart. The street lights travel across the sea, in opposite direction, creating a link between two invisible spaces. The themes of relation, exchange and inter-connection form the conceptual core of the intervention, which is also reflected in the process: over 30 protagonists in Germany and Tunisia are involved in the project‘s realisation. The street lights will be installed near Cologne‘s west gate Hahnentorburg and near Tunis‘ east gate Bab El Bhar (Sea Gate). The latter marks the passage between the Arabic Medina and the European quarter. Both street lights – visibly differing in shape and aesthetics – contrast with their new surroundings. Each relocated lantern establishes a unique relation and connection with the other lanterns, weaving a subtle field of tension. Their unique cultural, historical and political context is brought to the new location. Themes of colonialism and migration are touched. The exchange of two street lights highlights aspects of the complex global connection of spaces, places and their interwoven past, present and future.