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http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/ The UN has announced to the world the 17 goals of sustainable development in various nations. In order to facilitate this, Tunisia will hereby adopt these 17 goals as its own progressive plan for the future. Horchani and the Council of Sociocrats have already announced certain future plans: * Expansion of Welfare Projects (Eliminating poverty) * Food distribution services (Eliminating hunger) * National Healthcare Service (Providing health) * Free education up to University standard (Quality Education) * Increasing womens rights (Gender Equality) * Water quality commission (Sanitation) * Solar panels in the Sahel region (Clean energy) * Work visas in Europe (Economic growth) * International science cooperation (Innovation) * Minority rights (Reducing inequalities) * Devolved democracy (Sustainable communities) * Phasing of landfill (Responsible consumption) * International climate aid (Climate action) * Responsible fishing laws (Life below water) * Land preservation laws (Life on land) * New constitution (Peace and Justice) * New democratic friendships (Partnership) To safeguard this development and sustainability new departments and powers granted to both the President and Council will need to be made, as well as limiting the powers of the Assembly and military. Tunisia will lead Africa, if not the world, in progressive development.